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Deluxe Rooms Concept

The 360 Deluxe Rooms concept aims to increase the occupancy rate of hotels by putting various hotel brands under one roof with a common booking platform.

Various brands under one roof

All rooms, guesthouses, and hotels will be presented through the 360 Deluxe Rooms brand, without any mention of the locations actual name. This allows you to offer better rates than other channel managers while ensuring that every room receives the same exposure and chance of being booked.

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The Benefits of 360 Deluxe Rooms

We are not your traditional agent!

  • We do not require that the hotel blocks rooms from their reservation system if they are being promoted by us;
  • The hotel has the choice of accepting or refusing bookings received through us;
  • Reduced commission rates of 12% rather than the 18-19% charged by booking.com and other platforms;
  • We are insured against damages caused by guests during their stay with you;
  • An automated system ensures that payment is received from guests and funds are automatically paid out to your bank account of choice one day after check-in. Commissions due will automatically be deducted;
  • Rates are set by the hotel and are communicated to the 360 Deluxe Rooms reservation email.;
  • 360 Deluxe Rooms will support guests and process any requests and enquiries prior to their check-in at your hotel.